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Avengers Actually Assembled

A world where film studio rights don’t exist and all of Marvel exists as one place.


So the only reasonable way I saw fit to calm my feelings about this movie was a simple solution. DRAW ALL THE DRAGONS. Guys go see HTTYD 2, hands down it was probably the best animated film I’ve seen in a while.





Toby Allen (ZestyDoesThings) gives mental illnesses shape and life by turning them into “Real Monsters”!

Take a look at more of his work


The Real Monsters are reborn! 

Upon getting so much attention for my previous designs, I wanted to redesign the monsters and develop the concept a little more. You’ll notice most of the monsters have subtle alterations and the descriptions have been changed to better reflect my original concepts.

Over the coming weeks I will release more (never seen before) monsters and will also release concept sketches and developmental work for each monster shown here- So stay tuned! (They may also be little animations…)

Disclaimer: The artwork is not at all intended to make light of these conditions but instead is intended to give these intangible mental illnesses some substance and make them appear more managable as physical entities. 

All work (c)Toby Allen 2013

Really appreciate this…


"I want you to join me."

I like to interpret this scene as an idea of what fandom is all about. This is why the Lego Fandom has been as amazing as it has been. Because the entire movie encourages creativity and taking something and making something new out of it. Because you don’t have to read the instructions and take something as it’s presented to you.

In only a few short months, we’ve come up with several different alternate universes. We’ve taken characters, portrayed as plastic lego bricks, and analysed every aspect of their personalities, their motives, their expressions. We’ve started expanding and exploring them in different AU’s, exploring relationships, adding headcanons, making our own interpretations of them, experimenting with different character designs, drawing fanart and comics, writing fics. Simply just being creative or thinking and talking about it and getting excited over it.

And everyone has had a blast doing it, well I personally have, anyway! We’ve made friends, had discussions, hung out in livestreams and simply just been inspired by one another. Collaborating with each other and expanding each other’s ideas. Taking something that was made and making something new out of it.

Carry on, all you Master Builders. Continue being amazing and building all your “weird, dorky stuff”. And keeping it respectful and kind (◡‿◡✿)

(ah sorry I’ll stop embarrassingly gushing over the fandom now.)



Vampire doctors that can smell if you have a blood disease.

Werewolf therapy animals for sick kids.

Nature sprite and nymph nurses that always make sure people have pretty flowers to brighten up their white rooms.

Fauns that go around and sing and dance for patients so that they smile.

Nice monster hospitals would be amazing

Someone write a book about this.

Your lines are pretty awesome! How did you make them so lively?


Aw, shucks. Thank you! I think a lot of it comes from just drawing a lot, but also the understanding of principles like Straights v.s. Curves and line flow. I highly recommend the Drawn to Life book series and Force.

I’ve also started doing this warm-up trick that I learned from my figure drawing professor last semester. Fill a page with circles, lines, squiggles, etc.


Doing these will loosen up your wrist and also practice hand motions for quick drawing. It’s really useful!

I also suggest doing lots of gestures, both from reference and from imagination. Pixelovely is great for that. These are some I did not too long ago quickly from imagination:

Just draw fast and loose and don’t think about it too much. Get those drawing principles ingrained into your head to the point where you do it without thinking about it. Practice, practice, practice!

You should also check out Rad’s how-to blog, because it’s chock full of great stuff on drawing principles.

To summarize:

  • Draw a lot
  • Know your anatomy
  • Learn the principles
  • Draw loose with your whole arm
  • Draw a lot!

I hope that answers your question, anon!


Steve called in a few favors


Steve called in a few favors